Motorcycle TPMS - In The Tire System

Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

Know Your Bike's Tire Pressures Before and During the Ride

Get Flashing Red Warnings Whenever Pressures or Temperatures Go Outside Your Presets

* Want Those Few Precious Seconds Warning If Your Tire Is Going  Down?

* Want to Know Your Tire Pressures and Temperatures Before and During Today's Ride?

* We Have the Solution - Orange Electronic Motorcycle TPMS

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We Are The Authorized US Dealer For Orange Electronic Motorcycle TPMS
Real-time Tire Pressure Readings Front And Rear
In PSI, kPa, and Bar
Immediate RED Screen and Flashing Numbers Whenever Pressure Or Temperature Go Outside Of Your Presets

RRR - Repair, Roll, & Ride Motorcycle Tools & TPMS



Real-time Bike System Voltage
Check Your Bike's Battery Condition Before The Start and Your Bike's Charging System As You Ride
Easy 2-Wire Display Installation. Simple 1 Black (NEGATIVE) and 1 Red (POSITIVE) Wire Hook-up To Your Bikes Switched 12 Volts. Display Attaches To Any Surface With Supplied 3M Velcro Pads

Real-time Tire Temperatures Front and Rear

Available In Fahrenheit and Celsius

Get One For My Bike Today!

Don't Put This Off Another Day. There Are Many Reasons That Every Car and Light Truck Sold In The US Since 2007 Comes From The Factory With TPMS. Properly Inflated Tires Improve Handling, Reduce Heat, Increase Tire Service Life, and Increase Load Capacity.

Most Importantly TPMS Saves Lives!

Orange Electronic Manufactures Thousands Of OEM Replacement TPMS Systems For Automobiles Every Year. We Can Trust Them To Make The Best For Our Bikes Too. Join Me And Equip Your Bike With A New TPM System Today.